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VISIA LAB is an emerging company engaged in the design, development and production of hardware and software solutions for IVD clinical laboratory diagnostics, with various fields of application, including cytodiagnostics & cytogenetics, digital and tele-pathology, immunoassays and in particular immunofluorescence assays, big data and genetic testing in general.

Founded in 2020, VISIA LAB is a global business-to-business technology company OEM-oriented.

VISIA LAB born to create new, innovative and transformative diagnostic platforms and products.

The company's mission and purpose is to create new diagnostic technologies and models of patient care thanks to the most innovative technologies and the know-how used.

More than 25 years of inherited experience

VISIA LAB was born from VISIA Imaging S.r.l .; the latter was founded in 1993 by a small group of highly specialized engineers in the development of image analysis software for microscopy. Born from experience and tradition, the company is committed to growing in its main areas of activity.

Our partners



VISIA LAB has a passion for challenges and continuous improvement and gives a competitive advantage to innovation, always satisfying the needs of partners.

A highly skilled team between young and experienced engineers, biotechnologists, programmers and technicians continuously work to create innovative products and solutions for markets that demand extreme performance.


VISIA LAB was born in 2020 from a spin-off of VISIA Imaging, a historic company operating in the field of laboratory and ophthalmic diagnostics and medical device.

Thanks to the qualified experience, entrepreneurial dynamism and desire for modernity, in a few years the company has conquered a prominent position in the market and built important commercial partnerships both nationally and internationally, signing strong and lasting distribution contracts and partnerships.


VISIA LAB bases its production on the best available technology, constantly improving over the years, making a versatile and dynamic company, attractive to business partners who require quality products of excellence to strengthen market penetration.

VISIA LAB attributes a high value to maintaining strong collaborations with the niche main opinion leaders and several important scientific institutes, research centers and universities.

All phases of the design and production process are carried out at the production site in San Giovanni Valdarno (Tuscany - Italy).

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