Our team

Find out who some of us are.

VISIA LAB is organized in cross-functional departments.

Multidisciplinary groups of workers from different professional or academic backgrounds collaborate on specific projects to increase creativity and share knowledge achieving higher quality and faster solutions as a result.

Massimo Donnini

Chief Executive Officer

Massimo Donnini has more than 25 years of experience in laboratory IVD diagnostics, Marketing, Product Management and product scouting, having held key roles in multiple multinational companies.

He last served the Menarini group as an international Product Manager for the Autoimmunity area for 15 years, the first of which as a National Product Manager.

He has also developed a particular aptitude within the field of autoimmune diagnostics, thanks to a long cooperation with medical doctors, physicians and K.O.L. national and international, participating in the work of study groups and cooperating in the creation of some diagnostic guidelines at European level.

He also took part in the creation and introduction of a new scientific journal, focusing on autoimmune diseases, (Autoimmunity Highlights, publisher: Springer Verlag), and organized several scientific congresses with the world's leading scientists in the sector.

He has been in charge of the Management and Vice Presidency of VISIA Imaging for almost three years, following and consolidating the areas related to HR, Corporate Quality, marketing and sales, finance and budgeting.

Marco Meoni

R&D manager and project leading

Marco Meoni, graduated in computer engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of Florence, began collaborating with VISIA LAB in 2010, after having carried out research in the field of computer vision at the MICC center of excellence of the University of Florence.

He starts his activity in VISIA as a software engineer in the Digital Pathology area, then expanding his activity up to the engineering and development of projects in their entirety.

He currently plays the role of R & D Manager and leads the development of related projects.

Gabriele Donati

Technical office, design & engineering manager

Gabriele Donati has 15 years of experience in mechanical design and product development.

He earned a Masters in Mechanical Engineering in 2002 from the University of Pisa.

He has worked in mechanical design as a consultant for different types of products: prosthetic hands and legs, liquid handling devices, automation systems, suspension systems for the automotive sector. From 2012 to 2018 he worked in the O&G sector.

During his career he has produced several patents.

His role in VISIA is linked to mechanical and system design, he works as an R&D designer and in the technical office with production of documents, bill of materials, contact with suppliers.

Silvia Fantechi

Operation & quality manager

Silvia Fantechi, graduated in Computer Engineering from the University of Florence, has over 10 years of experience in the quality and regulatory field for medical devices and in vitro diagnostics.

During your career you have carried out activities in various fields: from design, to sales, and to purchases.

Her role in VISIA is twofold, in fact she is responsible for both the quality and regulatory office and the operational component of the company: purchasing, planning and warehouse.

She has experience in the presentation and reporting of regional and European calls, especially for Research and Development.

Giordano Cozzi

Production Manager

Giordano Cozzi, with a technical background in the field of mechanical disciplines, has over 15 years of experience in the management of multidisciplinary teams both on the production side and on the design side, and the management of complex projects and relationships with the customer.

From 2017 to 2021 he was Production Manager for Bertolotti SpA, an important company operating in the engineering, aerospace and railway fields, dealing with the management of the entire production department, the relationship with external suppliers up to the management of the warehouse and the purchasing office, with a focus on planning the internal and external production chain.

In VISIA LAB since July 2021, he plays the role of Production Manager.