Uniqo - IFA All-in-One slide processing

Fully automated, walk-away, random access instrument for the Immuno Fluorecence Assay on Glass. UNIQO is the new high-performance automated system for the IFA procedure, from slide preparation to test reading and validation. It provides laboratories with an all-in-one solution that integrates automated IFA protocol with complete slide mounting, including coverslip, image acquisition, analysis and archiving.

UNIQO supports standardization by eliminating the inconsistency of human intervention and maximizing the accuracy of the overall IFA process, from accurate dispensing and mounting of IFA slides, to more objective image acquisition and analysis.

Innovative software manages and controls the entire analytical workflow ensuring optimal slide processing and image acquisition for fully automated analysis of immunofluorescence signals and effective data management.

In addition, the integrated virtual microscope allows navigation and review of the digitized slide from remote locations, eliminating the problem of storing the slides and preserving the fluorescent signal over time. The Indirect Fluorescence Immune Expert can focus directly on the results and reporting.



  • Automated IIF slide preparation
  • Automated mounting of the coverslip
  • Preservation of slides
  • Walkaway process
  • Continuous access
  • Complete scan of wells
  • Automatic image acquisition of IIF tests
  • Automatic determination of the positive/negative sample
  • HEp-2 pattern recognition
  • Digitization of other IIF substrates
  • Automatic determination of titration
  • Archiving of digital results
  • Virtual microscope
  • Connection to LIS/middleware
  • Full data traceability (1D/2D barcode reading)
  • On-board PC and touch-screen monitor





Design chassis

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A Fully Automated Platform Capable of Processing, Scanning and Analyzing IFA Substrates

John Breneman, Sarah Paul, Jeri Seiki, Roger Walker

Clinical Immunology Division, Bio-Rad Laboratories, 4000 Alfred Nobel Drive, Hercules, California 94510

Presented at the 13th Dresden Symposium on Autoantibodies – Dresden, Germany – September 27 – 30, 2017

IFA Substrate Processing, Scanning and Analysis on the IFx 360 System, a Fully Automated Platform

John Breneman, Sarah Paul, Jeri Seiki, Cindy Liedstrand

Clinical Immunology Division, Bio-Rad Laboratories, 4000 Alfred Nobel Drive, Hercules, California 94547


A preliminary evaluation of the analytical performance

Martina Fabris, Daria Franceschi, Daria Picchioni, Elio Tonutti, Nicola Bizzaro

On behalf of the Study Group on Autoimmune Diseases of the Italian Society of Laboratory Medicine, Italy - Institute of Clinical Pathology and Immunopathology and Allergy, University Hospital of Udine, Italy - A. Menarini Diagnostics, Firenze, Italy - VISIA Imaging Srl, San Giovanni Valdarno, Firenze, Italy - Chairman, Study Group on Autoimmune Diseases, SIPMeL, Italy


Next-generation IFA testing: teaching an old dog new tricks

Jake Morrow


October 2018

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